(Bumper music: Larry Williams, Dizzy Miss Lizzy)

Jeff Lynne -Borderline
Lynard Skynard  -Saturday Night Special
Paul McCartney -On My Way to Work
Little Richard  ( live with Jimi Hendrix )
John Lennon  -Cold Turkey
Doc Watson -Moody River
The Soul Stirrers -I’m a Soldier


Well, from a purely person viewpoint, Saturday Night Special is just a supreme piece of hard rock that I cannot help but shout it from the rooftops. It is admittedly an anti-gun song, and perhaps one of the best examples we have.


I dig the pairing of old solo John Lennon with new solo Paul McCartney. Both had somewhat chequered post-Beatles canons, but these are both good songs.

The Little Richard interview regarding Jimi Hendrix, and subsequent live performance featuring Jimi, was a nugget of a find. Check out the entire interview on YouTube if you get bored sometime.

The mystery bag tonight is Doc Watson, and let me make this clear & plain as day: if you ever had to pick an unknown song at random, and for the sake of example your life depended on it to be a good song, you could do a lot worse than dipping a toe into the music of the late Doc Watson.


Likewise, anything even remotely related to Sam Cooke is oftener than not pure gold. The selection “I’m a Soldier” is a gospel song, and still works even if in my acculturated mind I always see the phrase spelled as ‘soulja’. Amen to great songs.


I’m pretty sure the opening track Borderline by Jeff Lynne was actually from the Traveling Wilburys time period, and sounds like it features maybe Tom Petty… but not sure. It definitely was in the same period, but was issued on a solo Lynne album in 1990 or 91.

Wow, my memory is failing me. Maybe I really do need a top-off…

See ya!