Season 8 | episode 6

(Bumper music: True Companion, Donald Fagan)
The Byrds -Nothing was Delivered
*Radio First Termers (1/71)
Motorhead -Enter sandman
Eric Clapton ft. Bob Dylan -Sign Language
Freddie Scott -Loving you is Killing me
Martha & The Vandellas -Jimmy Mack
The Moody Blues -Tuesday Afternoon


The standout cut from this show, for me, is once again Freddie Scott. I only got into this dude randomly, and have found that his best stuff is really, really good. He made his debut on The Shed in season 7, but will definitely be in the rotation from this point forth.


The awkward but beautiful Clapton/Bob Dylan duet (as it were), Sign Language, was an all-new find for old Judas. It is a Dylan composition, and features The Band in its near entirety.  I gotta say, on first listen, I thought- wait, this must be a Dylan guide vocal accidentally left on the mix. But no, there’s Eric Clapton singing. And he doesn’t seem to need a guide vocal at all. I think that’s a choked-up Robbie Robertson in the guitar solo, but I need to verify that. All in all, this”lost” Dylan song from 1976 is noteworthy.

This other-wordly cover of Enter Sandman sung by Lemmy is pretty cool. If I could digitally remix the original music with Lemmy’s vocals, THAT would be a project worth staying up all night for.


Gotta love Jimmy Mack. Personally, I think they could have ditched the title [character] and found a better phrase, like “Get ‘er Back” or something. But other than that, this is a stone cold classic. I broke ten spoons on this one over the summer. Love those Vandellas from here to Springfield. I don’t care what state.

And a shoutout to both Dylan and The Byrds, who make one of their rare appearances here. I don’t know…. I just don’t get Roger McGuinn. This track rawks, however, and in my ever-oldening age, I can appreciate that.


The crude, yet extremely cathartic and in every-other-way mindblowing pirate radio show Radio First Termer is a recent mega-find for old Judas. Dave Rabbit will definitely be in the rotation on The Shed for years to come.

And finally, from down memory lane, I remember Tuesday Afternoon from my dad playing it for me, when I was younger. It’s a very good song, but I probably enjoy it more because I have such great memories of thinking about my dad when I hear it.

See ya!